Gårdagens youtube-video: Vad fick jag för julklappar?

Så, lite måste jag ju göra reklam för min youtubekanal också här på bloggen. För er som följer mig på diverse sociala medier så vet ni att en ny video kom upp igår. I den visar jag er vad jag fått i julklappar i julas. 

Lite svårt är det kanske att ge julklappar åt minimalister, men våra nära och kära hade lyckats riktigt bra. Ni får mer info i videon här under.


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5 ways to become a minimalist

For many of you becoming a minimalist seems like a big journey that you never could get to. And maybe it is. It is har to say goodbye to all of your stuff and to start appreciating everything thaat you own. But it is possible!

In todays video I'm talking about 5 easy ways to start your minimalism journey. Take a look and leave a comment!

Konmari method - kitchen

The time has come, for miscellaneous items in the Konmari method. A quite huge category. First off - Our kitchen. We have never been truly satisfied with our kitchen in the apartment we are living in right now, but now it seems that we have gotten to the root with that. We had too much stuff in too little space.

We got rid of quite a lot. Apart from what we now have in the kitchen, we allowed ourselves to keep two boxes in the attic, but the rest was going either to the red cross or to my younger brother.

I hope you are having an amazing week!
See you!



This weeks...

Hello, and happy Sunday evening!
I hope you have had an amazing week! Mine was mostly studying and getting settled here in Turku, but I did get some reading and moviewatching in as well. This is the summary of that week.


George Orwell, Animal Farm

Animal farm is a short novel from 1945. It is a political satire, and tells a story about animals that do an uproar against their farmer, and then they build their own society.


This story was quite interesting. It was funny to see how a book from 1945 still can be relevant today. But, the story wasn't really appealing to me. Nothing too bad, but nothing I would read again. 2/5 toasts.



Into the Wild

Into the wild is a movie from 2007, and I think that's around the time I saw it the first time. Or maybe half of it. So it was about time to see it again, and that movie really got to me. It tells a story about a college graduate who escapes the society, burns his money and go on adventure to live in the nature in Alaska. Along the way he meets a few interesting people, and er get to see a lot of his life out in the wilderness.

Source: imdb.com

Source: imdb.com

This movie really got to me. I love how a human being can escape, and feel that freedom. Though I have a hard time to get the point of the movie. Is his escaping a good thing or a bad thing. I don't know, but I do know that this movie still lingers in my thoughts and in my mind. The movie is also based on a true story, which maybe gives it a lot more meaning. At least for me. 5/5 toasts.



The minimalists podcast, number 094 | Budget. 
The minimalist, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus talks about budgeting and why they think it's important.

Not the best thing I've heard, they have had better episodes. I think they talk very little about their subject, but they are fun to listen to, especially after a few episodes when you get to know them. It still gets 4/5 toasts.

The mustards podcast, Let's stop making excuses.

Let's stop making excuses - LINK

David and Jenny Mustard talks about how they are making excuses for little things, and how they go to the gym. A fun little podcast I listened to when I was out running (in the rain). 5/5 toasts.


What did you read, see or hear this week?

Konmari method - books and papers

Today I read an article in the new called "Does less stuff give you a happier life?". It is an article in swedish about a girl who read Marie Kondos book, and now is completing The minimalism-game, when she is getting rid of 1 item per number of day it is (September 1st = 1 item, September 2nd= 2 items and so on).

I love that minimalism has become so popular, it is truly so freeing to own less stuff.
And to celebrate that, I am giving you the second video in my minimalism series, part 2 and 3 in the  Konmari method, books and papers. And this is the video of how it went.


Feel free to like and comment the video, I would love to here your thoughts on the subject!

Our first steps towards minimalism

So, last week we took our first small steps towards becoming minimalists. We started the Konmari method, a decluttering method developed by Marie Kondo, to easily and effectively declutter your home. 

The first part of that method was to go trough your clothes. Which we did. And here's how it went:

När verkligheten inte hänger med huvudet

Vi har återvänt till Åbo efter fyra månader i Jakobstad och Vasa. Och redan när jag öppnar dörren till vår lägenhet slår det mig. I mitt huvud har jag varit en minimalist sedan i våras. Men vår lägenhet är lämnad i det skick den var i vintras. Och när jag tittar in ser jag den ofantliga mängden saker vi har. Missförstå mig inte. Vi är vanliga människor, vi har inte specifikt samlat på något speciellt, och vi har det relativt städat. Men i mitt huvud är processen redan igång. Vi är minimalister, vi äger inte massvis med saker.

Så nu har den stora utrensningen börjat. I två dagar har vi gått igenom och plockat. Varendaste liten sak vi äger har blivit känd på och funderad över vare sig den behövs. Slutresultatet blev ca. 15 150-liters sopsäckar med skräp, 3 billaster till Kontti (röda korsets loppis), samt några lådor åt mor och bror.

Det är en konstig känsla, när verkligheten inte överensstämmer med hur man tror att det är. Men nu är sakerna utrensade, och imorgon ska vi städa allt damm som dragits upp.