Sara + Anton // wedding // Turku

You can say that it was the perfect wedding day, the day Sara and Anton got married in Turku. The sun was shining, it was warm enough to be outside, the wind blowing in our hair.

A lot of laughter, love, and some happy tears.

Thank you guys for trusting me as your photographer!


S+A-10 S+A-12 S+A-13 S+A-21 S+A-41 S+A-42 S+A-53 S+A-56 S+A-58 S+A-67 S+A-97 S+A-121 S+A-133 S+A-140 S+A-146 S+A-161 S+A-186 S+A-190 S+A-194 S+A-201 S+A-206 S+A-211 S+A-222 S+A-226 S+A-231 S+A-239 S+A-259 S+A-264 S+A-277 S+A-279 S+A-283 S+A-293 S+A-299S+A-317 S+A-331 S+A-359 S+A-368 S+A-406 S+A-410 S+A-423 S+A-426 S+A-432 S+A-435 S+A-441 S+A-446 S+A-463 S+A-477 S+A-478 S+A-482 S+A-483 S+A-484 S+A-490 S+A-501 S+A-511 S+A-523 S+A-524 S+A-526

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